le rapport d’une ONG sur les violences subies par les migrants à Calais. La version française sur le blog de Passeurs d’hospitalités

Passeurs d'hospitalités

According with ts importance, bellow the entire Human Rights Watch report about Calais and police violence.

En raison de son importance, le rapport intégral de Human Rights Watch sur Calais et les violences policières, en-dessous de la version anglaise.

« HRW january 20, 2015

France: Migrants, Asylum Seekers Abused and Destitute

Asylum seekers and migrants living in destitution in the port city of Calais experience harassment and abuse at the hands of French police, Human Rights Watch said today. The abuses described to Human Rights Watch include beatings and attacks with pepper spray as the migrants and asylum seekers walked in the street or hid in trucks in the hope of traveling to the United Kingdom.

Several thousand asylum seekers and migrants, most from Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, are living in makeshift camps or in the streets in Calais. Some said that their treatment by police, a lack of housing…

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